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So, you think you’re quicker than an 18V caulking gun?

So, you think you’re quicker than an 18V caulking gun?

So, you think you’re quicker than an 18V caulking gun?

I just had the opportunity to try out Bosch’s NEW GCG18V-20 18V Caulk and Adhesive Gun. This product is designed to reduce the fatigue on your hand from manual applicators. It has a speed selection with a variable-speed trigger to provide a consistent and oddly satisfying flow of adhesive.


Before we move on any further, let me just say that the slowest flow rate is really R E A L L Y slow. Not sure how useful this plunge rate could be applied in the real world. The only thing that comes to mind is if you only need a little DAP on your finger to patch up a small hole. Anyways, … just an observation.


The 9-speed dial gives you a wide range of motion to provide precise control over the flow of your adhesive. This gun also features an auto-reverse on the plunger rod to help prevent dripping and material overflow. Which I found helpful but not always successful. Bosch claims that it delivers a no-load max of 21 In. per minute feed, and 790 Lbs. of push force!!! Which is an incredible amount of force if you ask me. This kind of power is provided to push high-viscosity adhesives including anchor adhesives in concrete. I found that the “lightweight” of 4.9 Lbs. (but let’s be real and say 5 pounds) was a little bit heavy in my opinion. We’re not even considering the battery nor the adhesive inside. For a tool designed to “reduce fatigue”, I feel that Bosch missed the objective in this category. Lastly, the aluminum barrel fits multiple sizes of tubes and sausage packs. To be more specific 10.5/13.5 fl oz (310/400 ml) tubes and 10.5/13.5/20.25 fl oz (310/400/600 ml) sausage packs.


So, the question still stands, are you quicker than an 18V battery powered caulking gun? You just might be. Let me explain.


If you’re remodeling a small bathroom, you’ll probably be quicker with a manual gun. If your caulking baseboard molding in an average size living room, you’ll probably be quicker with a manual gun. If you just installed a new window and need to seal it, you’ll probably be quicker with a manual gun. I would always rather pick up a regular, non-electric, caulking gun versus a battery-operated one. However, the only advantage I see with owning an 18-volt caulk/adhesive gun is if you’re working in a commercial setting or on a construction site. Need to lay down beads, after beads, on a 8 to 12-hour shift??? Yeah, this Bosch GCG18V-20 18V Caulk and Adhesive Gun is the way to go!!! This is what I’ll make sure to pack with me for my workday.


Overall, this product is great! Well-built and sturdy. I would highly recommend this to professional Contractors. For those home improvement jobs you have for the weekend, stay with a hand pump caulk gun.

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