September 18, 2020



Remember the days were cordless miter saws were nonexistent? Dealing with the power cord was ALWAYS a struggle. Thanks to modern day battery technology, those days are in the rear view mirror as we quickly approach an increase of popularity on cordless miter saws. All major power tool manufactures have at least one cordless miter saw in their lineup. Which ultimately provides consumers with options and flexibility when shopping around, but which one should you get!? Today, I am going to help you out with this very question by sharing with you the top 5 cordless miter saws in the market right now.




From a construction site to your home, a miter saw is very handy power tool to have around. With just a pull down of the saw’s swing arm, you’re able to easily make cross, bevel, compound, and of course miter cuts (hence the name miter saw) with speed and accuracy. Miter saws can be used to make custom picture frames, window casings, door frames, crown molding, flooring, and a lot more. However, not all miter saws are the same, you do have a few varieties.



  • Compound Miter Saw - These miter saws will saw a variety of cuts and angles by pivoting the base left or right. However, it only tilts in one direction to cut in a bevel. This is useful when you need to cut at two different angles.
  • Dual or Double Bevel Miter Saw - These miter saws operate just like any compound miter saw. With the addition that it tilts both left and right (hence the name dual). This is very useful for cutting bevels and any angle without having to flip the material.
  • Sliding Compound Miter Saw - These miter saws allow the operator to move or “slide” the blade forward and backwards. The mechanics and operation are very similar to a radial arm saw. This saw is extremely useful for cutting wider pieces of material.




Deciding on the blade size is another factor to consider. The most common sizes in the market is 8, 10 and 12 inches. Choosing the right one depends on what your trying to accomplish. The best way to approach this is knowing that larger size blades, like 12 inches, can make wider and deeper cuts. It is also safe to say these bigger blade miter saws are more powerful when comparing. The smaller blade miter saws, like an 8 inch, are easier to operate, less expensive, and easier to carry around.


  • Eight Inch - 8” miter saws are great for mobile contractors. These are lightweight, easy to carry, and will tackle a variety of jobs with ease. Portability is the best way to describe this versatile machine.
  • Ten Inch - 10” miter saws are more of a common purchase when comparing to the 8” models. At this tier you begin to look at general purpose saws. Great for cutting crown molding and for overall performance.
  • Twelve Inch - 12” miter saws are as useful as the 10” but it covers more ground. It only seems a little bit bigger, but it does make a difference when switching over. Great pick when dealing with flooring.



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2734-20 (BARE TOOL)

2734-21HD (KIT)

Description: Milwaukee M18 FUEL 10" Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw Volts: 18V Blade: 10" RPMS: 4,000 Cuts Per Charge: 400 Weight: 45 Lbs
  Add To cart Model Number: DHS790AT2 Description: Dewalt FLEXVOLT 120V Max 12" Double Bevel Compound Sliding Miter Saw Volts: 120V Blade: 12" RPMS: 3,800 Cuts Per Charge: 289 Weight: 56 Lbs
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2739-20 (BARE TOOL)

2739-21HD (KIT)

Description: Milwaukee M18 FUEL 12" Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw Volts: 18V Blade: 12" RPMS: 3,500 Cuts Per Charge: 330 Weight: 47 Lbs
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Model Number: XSL06Z (BARE TOOL)


Description: Makita 18V X2 (36V) LXT 10" Dual‑Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw Volts: 36V Blade: 10" RPMS: 4,400 Cuts Per Charge: 334 Weight: 60 Lbs
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Model Number: DCS361B (BARE TOOL)

DCS361M1 (KIT)

Description: Dewalt 20V Max 7 1/4" Sliding Miter Saw Volts: 20V Blade: 7 1/4" RPMS: 4,100 Cuts Per Charge: 275 Weight: 30 Lbs


You can make most of these cuts with just using a table saw, that is true. However, in some cases, it’s so much easier when you take a miter saw to it. You can accurately zip through a cut list with a miter saw with almost no effort. Corded miter saws are great and proven to be a solid performer for many decades, but cordless is the future and the future is looking good. Hope you find this helpful, and always remember, when dealing with powered machinery, safety and protection is priority number one.