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Every tradesman knows that when it comes to Milwaukee power tools, the best way to go is FUEL! The build quality, power, and overall performance you get from one of their many FUEL tools is excellent, but have you ever stopped and wondered what FUEL means? What differentiates a normal Milwaukee power tool from a FUEL? I’m here to help you understand Milwaukee’s FUEL line, providing you a better understanding on what you are truly investing in.

To simplify this flagship product line, let me break it down to its true cores. All FUEL products feature three Milwaukee’s exclusive innovations: the POWERSTATE Brushless Motor, REDLITHIUM Battery Packs, and the REDLINK PLUS Intelligence Hardware and Software. These three pillars are what make FUEL power tools deliver unmatched power, run-time, and durability on the jobsite. Let us take a closer look at each department.



Designed, engineered, and built by Milwaukee, POWERSTATE is the best-in-class brushless motor that works harder and lives longer than all leading competitors. These motors are uniquely designed for each power tool to deliver optimal performance. By converting energy into power and torque more effectively, this motor has up to 4 times the amount of power-generating components than competitive brushless motors. By reducing wearable parts, POWERSTATE brushless motors extend the tool life by as much as double. They are ideal for professionals because they deliver more application speed, torque, and durability in a smaller size.



REDLITHIUM batteries last longer, think faster, and work harder than all other professional lithium-ion batteries. Milwaukee’s exclusive integration of chemistry, pack design, and circuitry come together for superior output in the harshest environments. REDLITHIUM batteries deliver more work over the course of your day and over life of the battery. These batteries provide 5 times more run-time, 35% more power, and 2 times longer life than standard lithium-ion packs. The construction of the battery casing protects against impact, vibration, water, and heat to provide the most durable pack for any construction site.



Milwaukee's game-changing REDLINK PLUS Intelligence hardware and software is the most advanced system of cordless power tool electronics. REDLINK PLUS Intelligence enables full-circle communication between tool, battery, and charger, allowing for unmatched levels of performance and protection. The Overload Protection prevents damage to the tool and battery caused by overloading or overheating. REDLINK PLUS Intelligence provides optimal performance by adjusting to each tool’s unique performance requirements and applications and enhances productivity with features like DRIVE CONTROL and on-board fuel gauge.



Milwaukee 2520-21XC M12 FUEL 12V HACKZALL Reciprocating Saw
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Milwaukee 2551-22 M12 FUEL 12V SURGE 1/4 Inch Hex Hydraulic Driver
Shop Kit Shop Bare Tool
Milwaukee 2598-22 M12 FUEL 12V 2-Tool Hammer Drill and Impact Driver
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Milwaukee 2767-22 M18 FUEL 18V 1/2-Inch Friction Ring Impact Wrench
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Milwaukee 2723-20 M18 FUEL 18V Cordless Li-Ion Compact Router
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  Milwaukee 2724-20 M18 FUEL 18V 450-CFM Cordless Leaf Blower
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Bottom line is if you need a professional grade power tool, get a FUEL. In the long-run, the benefits are in your favor. Be cautious though, not all brushless products are made the same or equal. Milwaukee does offer non-FUEL brushless products. This is a great alternative for other consumers with other needs and applications, but if you are looking for top-shelf Milwaukee products, make sure “FUEL” is branded on the tool itself. I hope you find this read useful. See you one the next one!
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